Our mission is to create vital buildings:
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We design bold, original, and highly functional spaces.
Always working from the perspective of our clients and end-users. 
As architecture is not about buildings, but about people.
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funding for project 'zon in de stad'!


The Municipality of Rotterdam, the Province of South-Holland ánd the local initiative 'Mooi, Mooier Middelland' have guaranteed a contribution to the development and implementation of our 'Zon In De Stad' project. ZIDS is aiming to get the Middelland neighborhood familiar with the potential solar energy has and to stimulate and support its residents to produce energy themselves. The residents who already have solar panels become ambassadors and next to this we are realizing 'Solar Hubs' on strategic spots in the neighborhood.

seven family-homes

margrietstraat gevelbeeld.jpg

This brand new project is initiated in our development division and is at this moment being designed by our architecture department. The seven energy efficient family-homes in Rotterdam north will positively contribute to the quality of the immediate environment. The houses will be offered for sale during spring and we expect to kickoff construction work around April 2018.


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The Environment and Planning Act aims to simplify regulation regarding spatial projects and better support social initiatives throughout the Netherlands. In response to this new legislation, all parties (local governments, companies, citizens and designers) will need to acquaint themselves with their new role in social initiatives. Maarten Polkamp has been invited by the Achitectuur Lokaal to lead a workshop intended for anyone involved or interested in the realization of a social initiative. After the workshop, Maarten will give a tour of the Stakokay hostel in Bergen op Zoom, a successful example of a future-oriented partnership between diverse local players. The event will take place on Thursday, December 14th.






What do our clients and partners think?

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Joyce Wierda

"The new design that P·A suggested was quite extreme but we haven’t regretted it for one second."

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Ronald LAgeweg

"P·A is serious about architecture, but they are always quick to laugh. Just how I like it."

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Anne Breemer

"To this day we continue to receive compliments from guests and business partners."

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erwin franken

"I was looking for advisors that could take everything off my hands. P·A offered exactly what I was looking for!"

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