Our mission is to create vital buildings:
buildings that move, motivate and activate people.
We design bold, original, and highly functional spaces.
Always working from the perspective of our clients and end-users. 
As architecture is not about buildings, but about people.
Welcome to P·A. We are looking forward to getting to know you!



OUR ‘careful reconstruction’ IN TROUW

190503-publicatie trouw.jpg

Grab a copy of Trouw this weekend to read on our project 'a careful reconstruction' through the eyes of our clients Daan & Thao.

Check out the new photos of this transformation of an office space to luxurious urban abode.


The watch tower in Bergen op Zoom is open to the public! Check out this short film documenting the building process of the tower at the Stayokay and Natuurpodium in Bergen op Zoom.

The Stayokay hostel & Natuurpodium we designed opened its doors in 2015 and is now completed with this watch tower attached to the main building. Back in 2015, plans for the watch tower were put on hold. We are happy to finally see this crown jewel of the project being constructed. From now on, you can enjoy wide views on the beautiful nature of the Brabantse Wal.

BNA beste gebouw van het jaar!


Check out our entry for the BNA Beste Gebouw van het Jaar! Great to see our project standing next to so many beautiful entries.

We transformed two apartments into one spacious family home in The Hague. A series of bold interventions tie the two houses together.

A floating steel staircase, voids, split-levels, a loggia with a floor-high folding window, a glass floor, walls and ceilings covered with oak wooden parts... this radical transformation in The Hague has all the ingredients that make our architecture-loving heart beat faster. Read and see more about the project here!



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What do our clients and partners think?

066 Joyce Wierda.jpg

Joyce Wierda

"The new design that P·A suggested was quite extreme but we haven’t regretted it for one second."

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130 Ronald Lageweg.JPG

Ronald LAgeweg

"P·A is serious about architecture, but they are always quick to laugh. Just how I like it."

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077 Anne Breemer.jpg

Anne Breemer

"To this day we continue to receive compliments from guests and business partners."

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137 Erwin Franken.jpg

erwin franken

"I was looking for advisors that could take everything off my hands. P·A offered exactly what I was looking for!"

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