Architecture is not about buildings, but about people.

At Personal Architecture, our mission is to create vital buildings that move, motivate and activate. We do this by crafting designs that are not only bold, original, and functional, but are driven by the unique perspective and experience of our clients and end-users.



NETWORK EVENT: Designing in Virtual Reality


Personal Architecture was present at the network event “Designing in Virtual Reality” organized by Architectenweb and Inbo. We are front runners in using virtual reality (VR) during our design and building process and we were excited to meet other companies invested in this technique as well.

At Personal Architecture, we do not only present but design, cocreate, negotiate, etc. with the help of VR. We continuously are figuring out new ways of working with this emerging design tool. During the event, we got to exchange knowledge with other design companies and discuss the ways VR changes the design game. Want to know more about how we use virtual reality in our practice?

NEW PROJECT: luxurious villa on a dike


We are working on some exciting new projects in an array of sizes and types. Among which an assignment to design a luxurious villa on a dike for a private client.

Here are a few snapshots of the draft definitive design. From the inside, you experience the different levels of the dike and have changing views on the landscape from each room.

This concept translates to the outside facade with each layer materialized differently. This gives the mass of the building a dynamic envelope.

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The municipality of Weert has selected Personal Architecture, NOHNIK architecture and landscapes and Lara Voerman Architectuurhistoricus for the vision and the design for the redevelopment of Weert’s central park. The city council of Weert has unanimously adopted the vision on the park. It is a follow up on our ‘Weerbaar Weert’ research project.

Located in the center of the park, the Nijenborgh castle is a historic focal point for the city. The project group worked alongside Weert stakeholders to craft a vision for the redesign. The core of this vision is making the historic structure of the castle legible, improving connections between the park and the city center, and enriching its green qualities.



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What do our clients and partners think?

066 Joyce Wierda.jpg

Joyce Wierda

"The new design that P·A suggested was quite extreme but we haven’t regretted it for one second."

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130 Ronald Lageweg.JPG

Ronald LAgeweg

"P·A is serious about architecture, but they are always quick to laugh. Just how I like it."

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077 Anne Breemer.jpg

Anne Breemer

"To this day we continue to receive compliments from guests and business partners."

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137 Erwin Franken.jpg

erwin franken

"I was looking for advisors that could take everything off my hands. P·A offered exactly what I was looking for!"

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