who we are

We are a team of Rotterdam-based architectural designers. We believe that human-centered design empowers people, ideas and communities. This believe influences the work that we do and positive impact we hope to achieve. The city is our playfield. Architectural design is our tool.


how we work

in small teams of designers we work on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients

We are practical inventors that celebrate the problems of our clients with an open-minded design approach. We raise questions that help our clients stay true to their values, while fulfilling their needs. As a result we create unique, bold, and beautiful architectural solutions.

Architecture isn’t art nor rocket science. It is a service that includes designing, researching, and guiding the process from initial idea to construction and end-use. Throughout, we collaborate with clients, experts and end-users – listening, questioning and challenging when appropriate. 


what we do

we make a positive impact through architectural design

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The heart of Personal Architecture is our architectural studio. A place where we design buildings in all kinds of shapes, sizes and forms for professional as well as private clients.


architectural design


architectural advise


research lab

The research lab is a place where we can think and collaborate. Our research is centered around the future of our cities: how can we all live, relax and work together happily? We initiate our own projects and work in commission of other organisations.


design research


workshops & trainings

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We have a desire to get stuff done. That is why we initiated othe work room. We carry out our own (re)development projects together with small investors. Together we create new housing concepts in our hometown Rotterdam.


project development

construction supervision

feasibility studies


we believe that

it all starts with people

human-centered space are inherently sustainable. From end-user to builder on site: if we all feel the building gives, we give back and take care of it. We strive for sustainability beyond insulation values and certificates by putting people and their practices first.

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we should celebrate diversity

a powerful building is a multifunctional building that celebrates diversity. Various amenities and users have a complimentary influence on one another. It creates an energetic ‘buzz’. Nearly every building and nearly every program offers opportunities for synergy

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a story should continue

every building has a story worth keeping. Sometimes through simply restoring the original quality. Sometimes adding a new component that harmonizes with the existing structure. And sometimes simply by shaking things up. Buildings with an inherent quality enable us to redefine their identity time and time again.

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design it is an act of doing together

we are a team of competent architectural designers but that does not mean we should work alone. Together with our clients, experts and fellow designer we work on our project. Not by talking, but by working together in participatory meetings and workshop in a lean design process.

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design thinking goes beyond architecture

we believe that our design expertise is aplicable beyond the traditional domains of architecture. Design thinking can bridge between disciplines and help solve problems that seem insurmountable. Our research lab is a places where we experiment with the big challenges of tomorrow's cities.  

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