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mayor aboutaleb about solar panels

ahmed aboutaleb ad.jpg

Read this interview with mayor Aboutaleb on the energy transition in Rotterdam posted in AD Rotterdams Dagblad. Attached to the article you will find a piece on the launch of Zon in de Stad (dutch only). Aboutaleb underlines the importance of awareness when it comes to (solar) energy!

"Inwoners zijn er nauwelijks mee bezig, terwijl het stadsbestuur ambitieuze én dure plannen heeft voor de energietransitie van Rotterdam. Burgemeester Ahmed Aboutaleb: "Als we economisch willen winnen, móeten we voorop lopen.''

first solar badge placed

Posted by Personal Architecture on Saturday, 7 July 2018

On Friday the 6th of July, the Rotterdam alderman for energy transition Arno Bonte placed the first solar badge! He was just one day in office and immediately found the time to support our initiative Zon in de Stad.

Zon in de Stad aims to spread the use of solar power in Rotterdam. This summer, we will install solar shields at the doorposts of Rotterdam residents that own solar panels.
The solar shields create awareness and enable neighbours to connect and get first-hand information on solar energy.

Zon in de Stad is an initiative of Climate Focus, Personal Architecture and HilgersomDeen duurzaam, supported by the City of Rotterdam and the Province of South Holland.

next step program

Special Guest Maarten Polkamp!

Posted by Next Step Program on Thursday, 5 July 2018

Maarten represented the board of the BNA Branchevereniging Nederlandse Architectenbureaus at the closing night of the Next Step Program in Kino. He handed the Next Step Award to architecture firm Civic, congratulations!

The Next Step Program is a yearly talent program and award organized by the BNA and Synchroon to put young, emerging architects in the spotlight.





What do our clients and partners think?

066 Joyce Wierda.jpg

Joyce Wierda

"The new design that P·A suggested was quite extreme but we haven’t regretted it for one second."

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130 Ronald Lageweg.JPG

Ronald LAgeweg

"P·A is serious about architecture, but they are always quick to laugh. Just how I like it."

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077 Anne Breemer.jpg

Anne Breemer

"To this day we continue to receive compliments from guests and business partners."

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137 Erwin Franken.jpg

erwin franken

"I was looking for advisors that could take everything off my hands. P·A offered exactly what I was looking for!"

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