P·A research is our dedicated research unit
that applies architectural thinking to urban transformation challenges. We are committed to creating a positive impact for the city.



P·A assists developers, municipalities and other changemakers in activating
urban futures. By connecting stakeholders and generating new business opportunities, we make dreams for the city tangible.



this is a design "sprint" that results in a sketch concept for a sustainable transformation.

Speculation is often involved in renovating an existing building and it's important to be aware of all the variables at play to ensure success. With a transformation scan, we take the guesswork out of the equation by evaluating the building's current condition, and proposing possible interventions for redevelopment which make a solid, future proof business case, as well as an imaginative repurposing. This might include investigating latent spatial possibilities, clarifying cultural historic values and, or exploring relevant new functions.

RESULT: concept design and clear business case for a bold, environmentally efficient

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this is a design "journey" that results in a sketch solution for urban transition related to climate adaptation or energy system revision.

The City of Rotterdam aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, and achieving this objective involves significant revision of neighbourhoods and building stock. In an urban innovation journey, we link long-term strategies such as energy transition, with residents' dreams and ambitions. We work alongside residents and stakeholders to generate a vision and translate this into designs for neighbourhood spatial change ranging from short to long term, and small to large scale.

RESULT: urban innovation journeys help to explore "what if," and use transitional periods to spring forward to sustainable and social urban futures, by defining the first steps..

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this is a scoped research "project" that aims to gather possibilities and translate these possibilities into reality using applied design strategies

The need to innovate and revitalise is clear, but where do you begin? A design research commission does not create a rule book or draft planning guidelines, but rather compiles different perspectives and strategies that can be applied in the development of a given neighborhood, place or building. In processes where new urban futures are explored, we translate existing insights, knowledge, and ideas into tangible visions and innovations.

design research does not lead to a blueprint for development, but to strategic and spatial insights for revitalization.


“Architects are involved in spatial interventions in and around buildings. At P·A research, we take a concept like 'climate adaptation' and translate this into a concrete vision for buildings and neighbourhoods, and support it by defining the steps to necessary to achieve it with a design intervention.

Understanding that the city is a place for people and their stories, P·A co-creates alongside stakeholders, to ensure that it's their vision that is made real. At the same time, we understand that you can not change the city without a good business case so creating impact for owners, for residents, and for the wider city, while achieving a sustainable return, are all objectives that must reinforce each other.

As P·A's design researcher, I work on visions and strategies for the city and believe that this effort is integral to tackling complex problems, and making big dreams tangible."

Jip Pijs - chief research officer



we our proud to be able to work on these projects in good collaboration with our clients and with a variety of partners - from experts on the field of heritage to fellow designers and creatives


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