It’s the talented individuals in our team that enable us to do what we do. Every day, the ladies and gents at P·A work with enthusiasm and dedication on outstanding buildings, innovative research initiatives and entrepreneurial development projects.

At P·A, we stand for a work environment in which honesty and transparency come first; where relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. We tackle challenges and celebrate successes as a team. Together, we are giving form to a concept that we call ‘the learning architecture firm’: an environment in which the intrinsic motivation of our people to cultivate knowledge and develop competencies is optimally facilitated. A place where people do the things that they are good at and that give them energy.

In short, we are proud of our team, of our projects and of each other. And we are eager to get to work for you!



Maarten Polkamp - partner

Maarten founded P·A shortly after graduating from the Technical University of Delft in 2005 with dual MSc degrees in architectural design and real estate management, and he’s never looked back since. Over a decade later, Maarten is an experienced architect and construction project manager with a broad portfolio of buildings, including community centers, offices, hotels, shops and residences. When he isn’t sparring with colleagues behind the drawing table or engaging with contractors at a construction site, Maarten can be found at the BNA (Royal Institute of Dutch Architects) where he is a member of the board. And in the weekend Maarten can often be found, circle saw in hand, working on his latest project.


Sander van Schaik - partner

Sander is a talented architect with a knack for resolving complex spatial challenges with remarkable ease. He translates rough ideas into lucid sketches – more often than not, upside-down and backwards and mid-conversation. As partner at P·A, Sander ensures that each project fulfills our client’s needs and wishes from concept through to technical detailing. He is both creative and thorough in his approach: the team explores numerous options before whittling their way down to a single, bold design. Sander is also guest lecturer at the Delft University of Technology and active in research initiatives investigating key aspects of future-proof cities. In his free time, Sander competes with his puppy, RAF, for Instagram followers (…so far RAF is winning).



Rutger van Doren

Don’t let his boyish good looks fool you; Rutger keeps pace with the best of them when it comes to architectural modeling in a BIM (Building Information Modeling) environment. Complex ICT challenges and cutting-edge software applications are in good hands with him. At P·A, Rutger is known for his cool temperament and steady hand in the face of quickly approaching deadlines. He keeps the big picture in mind and works efficiently toward the deliverable. Rutger is immune to distractions… but always makes time for a good joke. In his free time he travels the world, but we know that he is eagerly awaiting the day that augmented reality makes trains, planes and automobiles superfluous.


Ellen Gedopt

As Senior Project Leader and Architect, Ellen is the invisible force behind many P·A projects. Hailing from Belgium, Ellen has experience in designing and managing the construction of buildings throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Canada. Within P·A, Ellen works directly under Sander and Maarten, steering the team to successful project realization. Ellen takes great joy in the careful design of every last architectural detail and she doesn’t stop until a project has been realized to the satisfaction of the client. As a working mother of two boys, no one knows better than Ellen how to approach a process efficiently and effectively. At work (like at home) Ellen leads with an iron hand and a velvet glove.


Jip Pijs

Jip is a spatial designer with a passion for discovery and a fascination with research methodologies and techniques. To Jip, the glass is always half full – his energy, enthusiasm and optimism are contagious. As the leader of our research lab, Jip is always looking for interesting partnerships and passionate people from all walks of life with whom to exchange ideas. When it comes to research, his primary area of interest is healthy and future-proof cities. Jip conducts research for P·A projects as well as for external parties, including municipalities, housing corporations and NGOs. Are you wrestling with a spatial issue and in need of a sparring partner? Then don’t hesitate to contact Jip!


Merel Paes

Look out, because this young architect means business. Immediately after graduating from the Technical University of Delft, Merel came knocking at P·A’s door. And she didn’t have to knock twice. Merel juggles diverse projects with ease – one minute she is working on a strategy for a complex redevelopment, the next she is the ‘scrum master’ for an internal assignment. As flexible as water, Merel is adept at managing the intricacies of projects and she appeals to the sensibilities of those around her with her quick wit and robust sense of humor.


Britt Derckx

Britt is our beloved intern. She absorbs information like a sponge and is an enthusiastic contributor to a diverse of projects. From time to time you can hear her cursing at her computer under her breath, but more often than not it’s her contagious laugh that ripples through the office. The team especially likes it when Britt answers the telephone and greets clients at the door – not because she’s our intern, but because her ‘Limburgse’ inflection is disarming.


Do you want to join our team?

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A pleasant space to work contributes to both mental and physical wellbeing, and this is something that we’ve taken to heart at our office in Rotterdam’s Graaf Florisstraat. We’ve created a comfortable work environment that offers our team the opportunity to sit or stand when working behind the computer or meeting with clients and colleagues. We eat lunch together, and from time to time we connect outside of work hours – sometimes to learn something new, sometimes simply to kick back and relax.




We are always on the look-out for motivated students in search of hand-on in work experience.

Please send your portfolio, CV and a letter of motivation to and we will get back to you reagarding opportunities at P·A.

research intern

We are looking for an enthusiastic intern to join P·A’s research lab. You will conduct (design) research, be part of interdisciplinary research teams, help create proposals, attract funding, co-write publications, and organize events. You will work with a high-level of autonomy on a wide range of projects. We want you to actively pursue your personal fascinations when it comes to the future of urban environments.

Please send your portfolio, CV and a letter of motivation to and we will get back to you regarding opportunities at our research lab.