Lara Voerman - architectural historian

about the national monumental hostel in bunnik

"As architectural historian, one aims to create meaningful handholds for an architect such that the architect is able to create a beautiful ensemble of historic and contemporary elements. Monuments only survive if they stay in use. P·A’s ability to find the right balance between respecting the monument and providing a contemporary context is commendable."

Anne Breemer - manager at Stayokay Soest

about the transformation of his hostel

"When the men from P·A presented their plan for our facility I was a bit taken aback. Rather than small adjustments to the existing building they suggested that the whole middle section had to be demolished! Looking back I admire their farsightedness; the result exceeded all of our expectations! To this day we continue to receive compliments from guests and business partners. In particular, they comment on the surprisingly spacious layout, the delightful open courtyard and the harmony between the original and new built structures. Goes to show that quality and good design pay off."

Erwin Franken - client

about working with PA

"Because I have a busy job as an entrepreneur in the medical sector and spend most of my time abroad, I was looking for advisors that could take everything off my hands. P·A thought along with me about how to optimize my building. They then made the design, arranged the permits and managed construction. I had minimal involvement – exactly what I was looking for!"

Ronald Lageweg - façade restoration specialist

about respect for old buildings

"I love old bricks, and more often than not I have to explain why monumental beaded mortar joints (‘knipvoeg’) are worth the extra investment when restoring an old façade. But that’s not necessary with Maarten and Sander. I really appreciate how P·A shows respect for old buildings and, at the same time, isn’t afraid to make improvements and adjustments to them. P·A is serious about architecture, but they are always quick to laugh. Just how I like it."

Frans Suijkerbuijk - project leader for the Municipality of Bergen op Zoom

about the 'natuurpodium' in bergen op zoom

"The role of P·A in this project was much larger than that of architect: P·A contributed to the conception of what later became ‘het Natuurpodium’ (the Nature Podium). P·A integrated all of the various, at times conflicting, requirements of stakeholders into the building’s design in a smart and efficient way. The building exceeded my expectations in every respect and, more importantly, it is a great success: both from a commercial and educational standpoint. A quintessential example of an effective public-private partnership. Magnificent!"

patrick van den berg.JPG

Patrick van den Berg - general contractor

about working with pa

"I had to get used to P·A’s integral approach. As general contractor, I’m used to making decisions on the construction site on my own, but I’ve changed my ways when working with P·A.  I learned that all of the components of P·A’s architectural designs are carefully thought through and that improvisation may get you in a bind further down the line. Maarten and Rutger are strict, but they are good listeners and are always open to new ideas. In the end we worked together to find optimal solutions. Looking back, I am proud of the final result."

Emöke Oldenkamp - client

about the value of good design 

"My relationship with P·A goes way back. Years ago they added an additional story to our house. They took some getting used to, but once we got to know each other I knew I could trust them to get the job done. Last year we reached out to P·A again, this time to make a plan for a remodel and extension of the ground floor. During the course of the project, we also asked them to do the interior design and we even asked them to redo the garden! When I see the new ground floor in combination with the garden it almost feels like we moved. It doesn’t feel like an addition but rather a complete metamorphosis. Fantastic!"

Joyce Wierda - client

about the renovation of her house

"Early on we weren’t sure if it would all work out. The new design that P·A suggested was quite extreme… Frankly, I was enthusiastic about it from the very first presentation – I have a soft spot for architecture and design. But my husband, who works in the financial sector, had to warm up to the idea. In the end we were both right: the remodel turned out to be a bit more expensive and took a bit longer than we’d originally hoped, but we haven’t regretted it for one second. I don’t think we could ever live somewhere else."