What do we do?

We are an architecture firm located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Our core business is designing buildings and managing the construction of our designs. Often, we also do the interior design or the design for the surrounding landscape. Our buildings are bold and imaginative, yet always designed form the perspective of the client and end-user. Because architecture is not about buildings, but about people.

What can we do for you?

We support clients in finding, designing and revitalizing spaces, from initial idea to construction and use. We can help you to create vital spaces to live, work and play.  By engaging you in constant dialogue we will identify key priorities and develop a futureproof design with an optimal price/quality ratio. Our ultimate goal is to create architectural spaces that not only meet your current needs but will have a large and lasting impact on the way you live, work and recreate.

In addition to our architectural expertise, we add value by ensuring an efficient and well-orchestrated process. For example, by involving the right advisors and contractors and ensuring that these parties are properly managed. We know when and how to involve you, the client and end-user, in decisions without burying you in heaps of technical information or asking you to make uniformed decisions.

Strategic thinking and bold gestures are at the heart of nearly every P·A project. As an architecture firm we are used to quickly developing a comprehensive understanding of the client, end-user and functional requirements. An integral approach to complex problems is second nature to us. In our opinion, it’s less about how the building is used and more about how the desired program is translated into an efficient and functional space.  In that respect, there are few design challenges and building typologies that we won’t take on. The factor that we find most important when deciding whether to take on a project is not the type of building, program or project scope, it’s whether the client has the ambition to create a truly great project.

It’s not uncommon that clients aren’t quite sure what it is that they want going in to a project. We are accustomed to thinking strategically about how buildings can be used, reused, shared and maintained. We ask the right questions to bring key issues to light and rather than getting distracted by limitations, we see opportunities!

Want to know more? Have a look at our FAQ page, or contact us to schedule a visit.

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three divisions

Personal Architecture comprises three divisions: architecture, research and development



The heart of our business is designing buildings in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms for professional as well as private clients.

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Personal Architecture has its own research lab. Our research is centered around ‘the vital city’: the future-proof city with excellent amenities for living, working and recreation. Key themes addressed by our research team include the strengthening of community, accessibility and mobility in urban environments and the integration of water (storage) infrastructure and solar energy into the modern cityscape. We focus on how to create cities that value quality over quantity.

Research is conducted for the architecture firm, as well as for independent clients such as municipalities, water boards or housing corporations.

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The development division of P·A carries out real estate development projects on behalf of (private) investors as well as independently. We utilize the knowledge and capabilities of the architecture firm to create unique and future-proof projects. Our focus is on the (re)development of high-quality, small-scale buildings that are carefully integrated into the urban fabric.



Our missions to realize ‘vital buildings’: buildings that truly enhance the quality of living, working and recreation. Buildings that are inviting to users and that pique the curiosity of occupants and passersby. Buildings that are extravert and that actively engage their surroundings; for example, with attractive plinths or shared spaces that foster interaction between users and residents. Buildings that are not isolated but rather make a positive contribution to the quality of their immediate environment; for example, by offering solutions to common urban challenges including heat stress, water management, parking and air pollution.

In our eyes, a powerful example of a ‘vital building’ is a multifunctional building: various amenities and/or target groups that have a complimentary influence on one another. Efficient and sustainable use of scarce square footage with an energetic ‘buzz’ as a welcome side effect. Nearly every building and nearly every program offers opportunities for synergy. We are intrinsically motivated by the discovery of these opportunities and the translation of each opportunity into a space within a building that is more than the sum of its parts. Buildings benefit first and foremost from quality of square meters and only thereafter from quantity of square meters.

Finally, the redevelopment and reprogramming of existing buildings is a key part of our philosophy of the ‘vital building’: buildings with an inherent quality and long-term value that enable us to redefine their identity time and time again. Sometimes through simply restoring the original quality whilst enabling the structure to meet modern standards of comfort and energy efficiency. Sometimes by adding something or by providing a new component that is synergetic with the existing structure. And sometimes simply by shaking things up.

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